High Performance ANSI C Compiler
for Atmel AVR microcontrollers


Rabbit SBC - Atmel AVR XMega SBC - Arduino Shields
Touchscreen LCD - GPRS - MP3 - WiFi - Ethernet

Welcome to the DELCOMp webshop.

Design low-cost Touchscreen LCD products in just a few hours with the X-Graph Arduino Shields or Digi Rabbit & Atmel AVR XMEGA Single Board Computers. Use the X-Graph Graphic Libraries with Arduino Software , CodeVisionAVR or DynamicC for rapid GUI product development. Easily add a GPRS modem, a MP3 player and a WiFi interface to your products.
X-Graph stands for quick and effortless embedded product development.

Do you need custom hardware? Check our X-Graph Custom Designs service.

X-Graph is a world-wide distributor of the high performance CodeVisionAVR ANSI C Compiler.

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